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As Zambians, music holds a special place in our hearts and we can never seem to get enough of it. We strive to incorporate it into every aspect of our lives, from working hard to relaxing even harder, all while grooving to our favorite tunes. At zambianvoltage.com, we celebrate the lively and carefree spirit of Zambia by providing a diverse range of content including music, videos, news, interviews, and music-related editorials. Our platform is the go-to source for Zambian music, showcasing the talents of beloved acts and bands.

Founded by Ashley Zulu in January 2022, Zambianvoltage.com is growing way better than expected in spite of being a new website, amassing a dedicated following and expanding its reach every day. Currently, it stands among the top-visited African music websites, with a diverse audience spanning the length and breadth of the country.

We are dedicated to continue producing fresh content on our platform to cater to your specific music preferences. No matter how you like to get your groove on, you can always count on us.

Our mission at Zambianvoltage.com is two-fold. Firstly, we aim to promote and showcase local entertainment media content, providing a wide range of audience reach within and beyond the borders of Zambia. Secondly, we strive to keep our viewers up-to-date with the latest and greatest media content through premieres and updates.

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