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Reasons You Need An Android (Phones)

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If they don’t – well then don’t spend a fortune on a new phone you don’t want!

If you’ve been using an iPhone for a while now, iOS may be the only mobile operating system you’ve ever used. Whether you’ve only been using an iPhone, or if you recently switched over from an Android, trading your iPhone for an Android has probably never crossed your mind. In this article, I’ll share reasons to switch to Android in 2020, and they might surprise you!

As we all know how an Android has dominated the world, and many people fail to make a good choice between an iPhone and an Android but we all know and have come to relate to the advantage of each product (Android/iPhone) we have seen some reason one should choose an Android.

iOS vs. Android: The War of the Operating Systems

iOS and Android are both mobile operating systems, which means they power the software that you see on the screen of each device. They’ve both been around for a long time now and have each garnered their own distinct reputations. Those reputations have now become our assumptions about Android and iOS.

I’ve been surprised at how bitter and combative people can get about this subject! My family hates Apple, so I dare not mention the company at dinnertime. In the same vein, some friends of mine are Apple loyalists that look down on me for my Samsung smartphone – how dare I even suggest they switch to Android!

  • Android Offers More User Control. …
  • Android Has More Apps. …
  • Android Phones Have More Features. …
  • Android Phones Have Better Specs. …
  • Android Frees You from Apple’s Ecosystem.

This nasty situation is unfortunately created by marketing and exclusivity. Every smartphone company wants you to think that their phone is the best, and Android and Apple developers are both guilty. There’s a certain pride to be had in owning the ‘best phone out there.

Android 10 on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Is Android Better Than iOS?

Above all, Android offers the following key selling points over iOS:

  • More control over your devices, such as home screen launchers, keyboards, themes, customization, and file management.
  • More available apps.
  • More hardware and software features depending on what Android phone you get.
  • Generally, better specifications depend on your device.
  • Android phones are not part of Apple’s restrictive ecosystem.

While I set the stage for the war between iOS and Android, I want to make one thing clear: the war of OS superiority isn’t an accurate representation of what these phones are really like. As the gap between Android and iOS closes, I’m firmly convinced that they are both extremely powerful and capable operating systems, and neither one is better than the other.

So then, if they offer the same quality, what incentive is there to switch from iOS to Android? The answer is in user preference and needs. While they are comparable, iOS and Android offer different solutions for different kinds of people.

If you’re an Apple loyalist, take a moment to see what Android has to offer. If its features appeal to you, then maybe Android is something you should explore. If they don’t – well then don’t spend a fortune on a new phone you don’t want!

Android Offers More User Control

One of the key selling points of Android is that it’s essentially the Windows of the smartphone world. If you’re a user that values control over your device, including things like files, settings, and UI customization, then Android has all of that and more.

You might want to switch to Android in if you value the ability to customize your phone with colorful themes, home screen launchers, on-screen keyboards, device assistants, and more.