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Macky 2 – One Man Cypher (Song Lyrics)

Macky 2 – One Man Cypher (Song Lyrics)

Yoh icon It’s almost the end of the year
Maybe it’s we dropped something
I know I’m retired but, I guess one more wouldn’t hurt.
Look, alo presido njisulileniko ndi pano pa door Forget
Ilya misconception ati tuli ma yo forget efo
mwaunfwa for a second ngufweniko dear presido

tuli bana benu nomba apa bonse fye yonse ama region nemi
tundu shonse fye infact lekeni mitasheko bigge sanity restored
umutende uyu twafulike I would have said merry Christmas but kama rapa
Naka shupako pa street nga ni dumpe Ile kwelelako fye every week ma youth apa
naba shokwa fye noke Pepa Mona ama option mwandi naya chepa teti mba
buleme sana apa ifintu nafibipa naba shikulu ku munshi umufundo
taula fika ba votele ati fintu fikabeko better but
I’m patient with you bally teti mibike mu hurry elo teti ndande efyo
mwachinja apa tapali. And I guess so we have to do is stick together flock
together like the birds of the same feather somebody’s out there being great.
Muzala just brought home a gold medal.
Zambia kuchalo we on our way the kids are rising make space on the table.
Yo maps is still doing crazy numbers,
just found out the game is full of pompous black mambas what a time to be
Zambian and if you doing fine just know Zambians will come
together just to bring a Zambian down,

low esteem nakalya kambi ka complex instead of ma team mwa monamo
fye contest relax not everything is competition,
quantum physics flow the king is still on a mission
I would have said merry christmas but load shedding naibwela na vengeance litsen
I would have said merry Xmas but it seems we back were adada left us
I don’t have the key back I got bars to set a stree set us
apart from mediocre stereotypes

iam here but they treat me like an outsider when everything I touch
blows iam alkaida how can I just keep quiet when my people need my voice the only clear
truth in the middle of the noise I’m pk reincarnated (common man)
retired but still ontop of the game somehow
I’m the white black sheep or captain of the sheep limbi picture ya oyo but
the captions are legit lets keep it on a hundred you can hate me all you want but
I’m candelence iam thunderous look I sleep in peace knowing that I did my best
I did my part do yours let me get some rest you little promo code rappers need to say less.
Retired general still killing it God bless (hallelujah)
I got God’s grace olo muipompe so if you gonna play me
let it be on boom play. All the doubters and haters will soon say,
his the boogeyman the that causes doomsday.

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