Central Cee Releases His Highly-Anticipated New Project “23”

Central Cee tells his story on his new project, “23.”

One of the most exciting new rappers in the UK right now is Central Cee. Since the top of the year, he’s been dumping out new singles in anticipation of his forthcoming album. “Khabib,” “Retail Therapy,” “Straight Back To It,” and “Cold Shoulder” kicked off the campaign, and now, he’s delivered 23 in its entirety. Cee puts his street tales to high-energy drill bangers with minimal features.

“I locked myself away in the studio for about two weeks,” he told Apple Music about his official debut. “I don’t really enjoy spending days in the studio much, but we set up a really good creative space, with all of my guys, a few that make music, too. So there we were: all being productive, and getting it.”

Listen below..