California’s Ample Power Supply this Summer: Storms and New Sources

California Assured of Ample Summer Electricity with Increased Power Storage and Reservoir Replenishment

California regulators have expressed confidence in the state’s electricity supply this summer, citing a significant boost in power storage capacity and the replenishment of reservoirs following a wet winter. This enables the reactivation of dormant hydroelectric power plants that were idle during the drought.

As the most populous state in the nation, California typically has more than sufficient electricity to meet the needs of its 39 million residents. However, the electrical grid faces challenges during extreme heatwaves when high demand for air conditioning strains its capacity.

In August 2020, California’s power grid was overwhelmed during a particularly scorching period, leading the state’s three largest utility companies to implement temporary electricity outages for hundreds of thousands of households over two consecutive days. Similar heatwaves in 2021 and 2022 pushed the state to the brink once again. To avoid blackouts, state officials encouraged energy conservation and utilized emergency gas-powered generators.

Improved Power Outlook for California as Drought Eases and New Power Sources Emerge

California faced strain on its electrical grid due, in part, to a severe drought that resulted in critically low reservoir levels. This scarcity of water hampered the operation of hydroelectric power plants, leading to the shutdown of a plant capable of powering 80,000 homes at Lake Oroville in 2021.

However, this year presents a different scenario as winter storms brought abundant rain and snowfall to the state. Consequently, the water supply has been replenished, ensuring ample resources for hydroelectric power generation. Furthermore, an additional 8,594 megawatts of power from wind, solar, and battery storage are set to be operational by September 1, as confirmed by Neil Millar, the Vice President of Transmission Planning & Infrastructure Development for the California Independent System Operator.


California’s Ample Power Supply this Summer: Storms and New Sources

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